JL Audio products

Radios and BT (Bluetooth) receivers

Achieving amazing sound on water has never been easier with our MediaMaster® radios. They are specially designed for marine and sports applications. Each model comes with a variety of tuner and connection options, as well as multi-zone controls for maximum flexibility and listening quality. Each MediaMaster® is NMEA 2000® certified for direct integration into your boat network, allowing you to control the sound system functions via displays, plotters, virtually any brand * (MFD). Both the MM100s-BE and MM50 are weatherproof ( degree of protection IP66). Settings are controlled with large buttons and control knobs and color LCD displays. The receiver designed for mounting MM80-HR can be controlled by a compatible plotter or a dedicated MMR-40 network controller. If the highest sound quality is your priority, then MediaMaster® should be responsible for that on your boat. ”


When you choose JL Audio for your boat’s sound system, you expect great performance and the highest quality. That’s why the inexpensive M3 speakers are designed in the same way as our flagship models in the higher series. We use the same marine-grade materials for their production to ensure exceptional durability. Most importantly, our fanatical approach to sound quality does not diminish with the price. The M3 are optimized mid-range speakers. M3 speaker systems are available in a wide variety of color combinations and grille styles. Select models are available with multi-color RGB lighting, so you can add visual accents to your boat to harmonize with excellent sound quality.

All M3 loudspeakers are manufactured at the JL Audio factory in Miramar, Florida, USA 


No matter how or what you like to swim, MX amplifiers are ready to power your soundtrack with great JL Audio sound.

Designed with versatility in mind, MX amplifiers use our ultra-efficient NexD ™ power supply technology to generate high-quality sound without overburdening small charging systems.

Housed in a compact die-cast aluminum housing, the MX amplifiers are waterproof (IPX7 class) and can be used where conventional 12 V amplifiers would not dare to be. Crossover filters and signal processing functions are standard, allowing easy setup and system flexibility. Monoblock models have subwoofer level control with the optional M-RBC-1 controller (sold separately).


MVi amplifiers bring a new level of sound quality to the water, featuring completely revised   amp systems and on-board tuning. Each MVi model comes with a very complete digital signal processing (DSP) package including EQ, Delay, Crossover Signal Routing, Mixing, and more. Instead of using traditional knobs and switches, MVi amplifiers are configured using JL Audio’s free TüN ™ software on a compatible PC, tablet or smartphone. When operating a boat, stored DSP settings can be recalled at the push of a button via the optional M-DRC-50 controller, allowing you to instantly fine-tune your audio system tuning to different activities.

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