Amplifier Stacking Hardware Kit, HD/MHD

Amplifier Stacking Hardware Kit for JL Audio HD and MHD Amplifiers


This hardware kit allows you to stack one HD or MHD amplifier onto another. By using multiple kits, it is possible to stack multiple HD and MHD amps. The kit includes four specifically engineered mating bolts, and four threaded, alloy stacking caps.

HD Mounting Options

Two mounting options plus a space-saving stacking feature ease installation.

Detailed Information:
The compact dimensions of the HD amplifiers open up a whole range of installation options simply not possible with larger designs. To give you as many mounting options as possible, the design incorporates flexible mounting options for single or multiple amplifier installations.

Standard Mounting: The mounting screws secure the amplifier to the mounting surface and are concealed by the four corner caps, resulting in a very clean look.


HD Mounting Feet Attachment Detail 1

Lateral Mounting Feet: Lateral Mounting Feet are also included with HD amplifiers to provide an alternative mounting option. This can be very useful in tight space applications or when mounting pre-stacked, multiple HD amplifiers.

HD Mounting Feet Attachment Detail 2

Optional HD Stack Kit: Permits stacking of one HD amp to another HD amp (sold separately).


Assembly of HD Amps using HD Stacking Kit Diagram” width=

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